Solexa Company

buy Netflix shares Scientific advances made by Solexa, coupled opportunely with the availability of the Human Genome Sequence, mean that it is no longer a dream to consider the routine resequencing of entire individual genomes. A task that, de novo, took years and hundreds of millions of dollars will be repeated for an individual's genome in a matter of days for a few thousand dollars.

Solexa's approach strips out all the major cost elements that hamstring conventional sequencing technologies and make them inappropriate for large-scale variation analysis. Solexa achieves this by putting base-by-base sequencing on a chip and eliminating any need for amplification of the DNA sample.

The technology is based on Solexa's Single Molecule Arrays, which have only one molecule of DNA at each site rather than the millions of molecules in a conventional array. Solexa's proprietary sequencing chemistry effectively transforms each of these molecules into its own sequencing lane. The result will be 10 million sequencing lanes on a chip!

Solexa aims to meet the pressing need for ultra-fast and economic ways to measure the millions of genetic variations that exist between individuals, including the hundreds of thousands of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) being mapped by the SNP Consortium.

IQ Option Solexa expects to generate its first business through collaborations with:

  • Genomics/genetics companies requiring large scale genotyping to investigate the effects of genetic variations between individual humans (or other species) on disease susceptibility and progression and on drug response; and

  • Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies seeking feasible and economic ways to apply large-scale genotyping to their drug discovery and development programmes.

In the longer term, Solexa will develop its own genomic information business.

Solexa's technology builds on inventions made by its Scientific Founders, Drs Shankar Balasubramanian and David Klenerman, at the University of Cambridge. It was conceived from their expertise in synthetic chemistry and biophysics respectively. The University acquired an equity interest in Solexa in exchange for the transfer to the company of the intellectual property rights in the inventions.

invest in Binance Coin The company was supported by an initial financing of £0.6 million from Abingworth Management, to support proof-of-principle experiments and file for patent protection. Subsequently, Abingworth invested a further £1.5 million to establish the company's own operations and accelerate prototype development. The company now occupies its own customised 12,000 sq ft facilities to the south of Cambridge, UK where it has built, and continues to expand, a talented multidisciplinary team of scientists.